Wet Platinum Recommended on National TV Show

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Sex therapist Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., featured Wet Platinum during a segment on the nationally syndicated lifestyle television program, the Better Show, as she kicked off the theme for the first week in May, “Getting Your Sexy Back for Spring.”

In the segment, hosted by JD Roberto and Rebecca Budig, Dr. Castellanos offered tips on how “to thaw out your relationship after the icy cold winter months.”

Dr. Castellanos said that freshening the bedroom routine can bring partners closer and heighten intimacy. Her suggestions ranged from the aesthetic — changing the sheets on the bed for a different look, to the erotic — trying something new and exciting in the bedroom “such as using Wet Platinum lube to give your relationship a physical change, not just an emotional change.”

“We appreciate Dr. Castellanos’ mention of Wet on the Better Show and the importance of attending to the physical as well as the emotional ingredients of intimacy because they go hand in hand,” said Michael Trigg, founder and CEO of Trigg Labs, makers of Wet lubricants. “We know that Wet Platinum can dramatically benefit the bedroom routine and open the door to more fun and exciting experiences for couple togetherness. Spring is the ideal time to turn over a new leaf and try something you’ve never tried before — maybe even something a little bit daring or naughty.”

To view the segment, click here.