'Vampire Cheerleaders' Available from Burning Angel

Lila Gray

MONTREAL — Burning Angel welcomes fans to a world of intermingled pom-poms and coffins with the release of “Vampire Cheerleaders” on DVD.

Directed by and starring “punk princess” Joanna Angel, “Vampire Cheerleaders” is a Buffy-meets-Mean Girls porn dramedy that goes a step more hardcore.

In an SFW trailer for Burning Angel’s “Vampire Cheerleaders” on YouTube, a hunky janitor explains, "When they showed up, weird things started happening," to new girl Veronica Layke, who doubts the peppy punk girls could be murderers. 

Angel stars in “Vampire Cheerleaders” as team captain and eventual vampire principal.  The movie also stars Jessie Lee, Draven Star and Krissie Dee as the cheerleading squad. Layke plays the new girl who discovers their undead secret. 

The girls have been vampire cheerleaders for 700 years and never been state champions — a fact they much lament. They're also the reason all the jocks at school keep turning up dead…

"This movie has a slew of sex, blood, fangs, comedy, pom-poms  — and an overly sensitive werewolf, played by Tommy Pistol, of course,” Angel said. “It's my own homage to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘Vampire Academy,’ and ‘Heathers,’ featuring Burning Angel all-stars Jessie Lee, Krissie Dee and Draven, and introducing the adorable newbie Veronica Layke.”

“And don't worry,” adds Angel.  “The vampires in this movie suck and fuck and cheer, but they don't sparkle. We wouldn't do you wrong like that"

Sales inquiries for all Burning Angel movies can now be made to wilma@mile-high-media.com

“Vampire Cheerleaders” is 2 hours and 23 minutes of hardcore fang banging. The DVD includes a behind-the-scenes video, photo gallery and trailers.

Burning Angel titles available through the Mile High Media distribution deal also include the porn mockumentary “Band Sluts,” “Big Black Dicks & Tattooed Chicks,” “Pale Girls,” and “Shark Bait.”