Shy Love Files Countersuit in Fight Over Vicious Media

Steve Javors
LOS ANGELES — The fight over the ownership of Vicious Media is getting stickier. Husband and wife Sheelagh and Eric Blumberg, known in the adult business as Shy Love and Eric Hunter, have filed a countersuit against former business partner Michael Fletcher and his associate Rui Lucas.

The countersuit alleges conversion, taking of corporate opportunity, invasion of privacy, assault, battery and false imprisonment.

The last three counts arise from an alleged incident that took place at the home of Bill Fox, founder of Assassin Pictures. Eric Blumberg arrived at Fox’s residence upon his request, where Fletcher and Lucas met him and allegedly shoved Blumberg against the wall and threw him to the floor.

The Blumberg’s countersuit was precipitated by Fletcher’s suit filed in June against the couple, which alleges breach of oral contract, breach of fiduciary duty, slander, tortious interference and intentional infliction of emotional distress after Fletcher requested an audit of Vicious Media in February. Fletcher is seeking unspecified damages.

According to court papers, Fletcher’s request was met with a demand for an additional $300,000 from his partners — or a statement that he surrender ownership — as well as numerous personal threats.

Fletcher began his dealings with the Blumberg’s after he invested $250,000 in the company in July 2005. Fletcher wants to know where his seed money went.

“The whole purpose of my suit is because [the Blumbergs] screwed people out of money, including a lot of my own,” Fletcher told XBIZ. “Its not right what they did. I’ll probably spend more money in litigation than what is owed to me.”

Fletcher said his lawyers have advised him his suit could take up to two years to conclude.

“I want all the facts to come to light and I want everything to be a part of public record,” Fletcher said. “The court will force them to tell the truth. Eric and Shy sold me a bill of goods. They misrepresented themselves as businesspeople. I know this lawsuit will take a while, but I am committed to seeing it through. I have an ethical obligation to investors and clients.”

The Blumbergs are countersuing Fletcher and Lucas for general and punitive damages, medical expenses, lost wages and court costs.

The Blumbergs’ attorney, Howard K. Alperin, declined comment, citing pending litigation.