HiPleasures Adds Sex Advice Column to Site

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult pleasure products company HiPleasures has added a sex advice column to its website, penned by sexologist Dixie Belle.

Surfers can now send their sex and relationship questions to Belle at info@hipleasures.com, who will answer a new question every week. The first question she tackled related to “tasting better.”

“There has been a lot of mail since we announced that we were having a sex advice column,” CEO Brittani Feinberg said. “People have a lot of questions and don’t know who to come to for advice. Dixie is knowledgeable, entertaining and sexy. We’re glad she’s on the HiPleasures team. She’s ready to help people not only have better sex, but also to get in touch with themselves.”

HiPleasures’ Vice President Nastassia Bauta is continuing her Los Angeles media tour with an appearance on “Cocktails with Allison & Jenna” on Radio Temptation this Wednesday, May 21. Tune into the show here at 8 p.m. PST. She will be discussing HiPleasures’ Sugar Cum, the company’s first product that reportedly sweetens semen, as well as her upcoming AIDS/Lifecycle Ride on June 1.