CockyBoys Crew Reports Successful Book Tour

NEW YORK — The boys from CockyBoys have returned from a world tour in support of their new book with Bruno Gmunder titled "A Thing Of Beauty," named after the CockyBoy's film released last year.

The crew included Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Moorecock along with CockyBoy exclusive performers Jake Bass, Max Ryder and Levi Karter who kicked off an event in New York, and then London, Berlin and Paris where they signed books and met fans at every stop.

CockyBoys said the book has made Amazon's top 10 photography books list in its first week of release.

In addition to the book signing events, during the two-week tour CockyBoys owner/director Jake Jaxson and company took the time to shoot parts of Jackson's series "Answered Prayers" which has three installments released thus fa.

"This trip exceeded our wildest expectations. It truly solidified our commitment to what we are doing. Meeting and talking to the fans during this tour has been so rewarding. They are really paying attention to what we are doing on the surface and beneath the surface. The fans catch everything and pick up on inside tidbits in my films and really think about the meaning behind what we do and that's the best compliment we can receive," Jaxson said.

He added, "The trip was great for the performers in many ways. As a whole me, RJ, Benny, Max, Jake and Levi couldn't go anywhere in a gay neighborhood in London, Paris, or Berlin without being recognized by fans, it was a surreal moment and it gave us all perspective on the impact we've had in the past couple of years. The trip was a incredible success all around and I couldn't be more happy or more proud to be doing what we are doing. So a big thank you to everyone who turned out at all of our stops along the tour, the pleasure was all ours."