Fun Factory USA Introduces ‘B Balls’

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Fun Factory has added the B BALLS line of anal toys, which feature inner weights that will be set in motion while the user is active to create pleasurable internal waves and massage sensations.

According to the company, the item uses the same technology as its SMARTBALLS, which have sold more than 2 million sold), B BALLS contain no motor and react purely to kinetic energy.

Emilie Rosanvallon, Fun Factory USA director of marketing, said, “B BALLS are a great example of how Fun Factory continues to innovate. This product offers two completely new benefits: firstly, it’s a butt plug that is particularly well suited for couples play. As most retailers know, couple toys are an easy sell; yet before the B BALLS, there were no silicone butt plugs made specifically for couples play. Secondly, it provides a new type of anal sensation (not just pressure, vibration or electrical current). All fans of butt play must give B BALLS a try.”

The company says that although B BALLS feature similar technology to its SMARTBALLS kegel exerciser, B BALLS are solely intended for erotic play.

“When used in vaginal products, this technology does not provide much pleasurable sensation,” the company said. “However, when these same weights are used in anal products their movement is much more discernible and sexually stimulating. This is a great reminder of how extremely sensitive the anus is.”

Fun Factory USA is now taking pre-orders for B BALLS. Each initial order will ship with the B BALLS Merchandising Kit. The kit includes a tester, a B BALLS holder, a shelf talker, info sheets and brochures for retail staff and consumers.

Rosanvallon said, “We carefully crafted a variety of POS elements to accompany the B BALLS and help the retailers sell this product effectively. This anal toy, like the STRONIC, is particularly innovative so it’s very important to us that we give the staff and consumers a clear description of the product benefits.”

 B BALLS retail for $39.99.