Gizmodo Hosts 'Sex of the Future' Panel Discussion

Lila Gray

NEW YORK — “Technology continues to change our daily lives, but what's it doing to our lives after dark?” — the good folks at Gizmodo have decided to formally consider the question tomorrow at its panel discussion, “Sex of the Future: High-Tech Pillow Talk.”

“From the dating app revolution and a new generation of sex toys to the reinvention of adult entertainment, some of the most exciting home innovations are happening in the bedroom,” the event description reads. “Join us for a peek at this sultry yet mysterious future with folks from all sides of the sex industry to gain a deeper understanding of how we'll get it on.”

Moderated by senior Gizmodo writer Adam Clark Estes, panelists include Claire Cavanah of Babeland, Erin Gloria Ryan of Jezebel, Ken Hawk of Jimmyjane and Dan Stuckey of VICE.

The “High-Tech Pillow Talk” will also include a showcase of the some of the pleasure product industry’s best and buzziest that Gizmodo has been collecting to add to its Home of the Future. And yes, you will be able to fondle them!

“The sex toy industry is booming. In the past decade or two, countless startups have reinvented the humble vibrator, redesigned the standard dildo, and put the magic of machine-sex on the tips of your fingers,” Gizmodo reports. “This not only changing the way we pleasure each other but also the way we think about pleasure. With the advent of teledildonics, an emerging genre of Internet-enabled devices, designers are now pushing the boundaries of what we can do with the social sex toys. Meanwhile, innovations in materials mean these things feel more real than ever.”

Gizmodo’s Bedroom of the Future will feature Minna’s Limon and Ola; Jimmyjane’s Form 2,3 and 4; Smile Makers; We Vibe 4, Stronic Pulsator, Crave’s Duet Lex Vibe; Lelo’s Ora and the Tenga Flip.

Sex of the Future: High-Tech Pillow Talk” will take place tomorrow, May 20, at Gizmodo Home of the Future located on 268 Mulberry St. in New York City.   

A part of NYCxDESIGN, Gizmodo's Home of the Future is a custom-built apartment inhabiting an old gymnasium in Soho. Open to the public with free Internet access until May 21, visitors will find "both the most accessible and most aspirational technologies of today for enhancing our homes now and in the future," including energy-saving devices, cutting-edge kitchenware and virtual entertainment systems.