James Bartholet to Conduct Acting Workshop on Sunday

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. —  James Bartholet will be conducting another acting workshop this Sunday from 1-4 p.m. in Sherman Oaks.

This workshop will be geared toward adult performers who want to sharpen their acting chops, and will cover the basics of comedic and dramatic acting and improvisation and cold reading and audition preparations.

“Several performers have been contacting me lately to do another acting workshop, and with so many parodies and features being made now, it's time to get ahead in the industry and keep working," Bartholet said. "Plus, some industry performers are making the leap into mainstream projects as well, so you need to be prepared. We’ve had great responses from our previous workshop.

"Many of my previous students have gone on to receive award nominations and have gotten cast in more roles."

Signups for the three-hour workshop, costing $30 per student, can be made by emailing james@galaxypublicity.com with “workshop sign up” in the subject header or by calling (310) 652-0770.