Allie Haze Goes 'All Anal' in Upcoming Hard X Showcase

Lila Gray

MONTREAL — Allie Haze is adamant that her upcoming, yet-untitled Hard X showcase be billed as her first all-anal debut, rather than just her first anal. Because, celebrating five years deep in the industry, Haze says she is going “balls to the wall” with her recent anal awakening.  

“It’s an all-anal release. It’s not like I’m doing one anal scene and it’s my ‘first out’ — I’m doing it all. I’m making the whole movie dedicated to that, to that moment,” Haze told XBIZ. “Because it’s taken me so long to finally do it, not only have I wanted to do it for five years, but the fans have wanted to see it for five years. So why not go balls to the wall? It was either all or none.”

After insisting that the backdoor was an “exit only” for years, Haze says that she was finally ready, mentally and physically, and that things just sort of inexplicably converged for the better.

“I don’t know what changed, but all of the sudden it was like, I don’t know, I was just ready to do it.  Maybe I’m just at a very comfortable place in my life — my career is great, my personal life is amazing — and it’s like everything just fell into place,” Haze said. “And once I was ready, there was no reason not to put it on camera. I always said, as long as I’m doing it in my personal life, I don’t mind sharing it.”

The four-scene showcase directed by recent XRCO winner Mason is slated to release in June, the same month 27-year-old Haze is celebrating five years in the adult biz. Although not all of the scenes had been filmed at the time of Interview, the Hard X blog features promo pics of Haze with James Deen in one scene and with Ramon and Mick Blue in a boy/boy/girl configuration.    

“I wanted to make sure that whoever wanted to shoot it, wanted to shoot it as much as I wanted to do it,” Haze said of her decision to work with Mason. The pair has collaborated in the past, and Haze says she appreciates Mason’s ability to tease out performers’ authentic experiences amidst the fast-paced action.  

“She’s way more into capturing moments than she is driving to get the best scene out of you,” Haze explained. “It’s about all those little moments and, you know, letting the viewer know what's actually going on with you. Sometimes I feel like as performers we get lost in those moments and we don’t verbalize it, but that’s what everyone wants to know — what we’re thinking while everything is going on.

“So for me, when I was doing this movie, I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a penis in my butt,’ and that’s what I was saying; I was like ‘Oh my gosh, there’s a penis in my butt.' It’s a really crazy, different way to think about it. And it’s actually cool to acknowledge what is going on and what you’re feeling.”

Besides frequent fan signings, feature dancing performances, and her fast approaching anal debut, Haze says she has picked up some mainstream acting gigs with the sci-fi production company The Asylum, including a small role as a military paramedic in “2012: Ice Age.” Calling scifi “my genre and really my passion,” she added that she will likely be working on upcoming Asylum projects.

The end of the summer will also see the launch of Haze’s new website, Allie’s Playhouse, which she calls a “one stop shop for everything Allie Haze.” True to the tagline, the site will feature a calendar (of events, releases and more), Haze’s personal blog, forum, YouTube channel, paysite, as well as platforms to call and text her and purchase outfits she has worn in adult scenes.  

Haze’s showcase will be available through the Hard X membership website, Trailers and box art for Hard X releases will be available through the studio's blog,