Bonnie Rotten Interviews With Legendary Rock

VENICE, Calif. – Mainstream music site Legendary Rock’s John Parks recently interviewed adult superstar Bonnie Rotten about her tats, musical influences, and what life is like for a teen trapped in the Midwest.

“Maybe that in the past it’s been super hard and the industry had been close-minded,” Rotten said of her tattoos. “Still, as someone with a lot of tattoos you can’t just go in and have the typical road and do the typical thing. I’m a ‘tattoo girl’… I wasn’t an alt-girl, which basically means I’m a pretty girl with tattoos, if you know what I’m saying. I’ve marketed myself outside the mill, so to speak, like I didn’t want to market myself with an agent or be on an agency website.”

Rotten, an Ohio native who turned 21 this week, also discussed her experience in music videos for the likes of Steel Panther, Chris Brown and My Darkest Days.

“It is super hurry up and wait,” she told Parks. “Yeah, it’s really lame as far as that goes. It’s like, ‘Ok, hurry hurry hurry. Ok, now sit here for two hours,” and stuff like that a lot of the time.”

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