TLAgay Launches 'Tournament of Hoses' Competition

PHILADELPHIA — has announced the launch of its TLA May Madness competition to find the most celebrated gay porn star in their "Tournament of Hoses."

The company said its team selected 32 of the biggest boys in the biz and wants all fans to chime in on their stats.

“We’re going straight — no pun intended — for the big-guns on the gay adult side of things,” managing director Erik Schut said.

He added, “We’ve called our inaugural May Madness competition the Tournament of Hoses: Current vs. Classic. Customers and fans alike get to see 16 of today’s biggest gay porn stars go cockhead-to-cockhead with 16 of the ‘Golden Era’s’ most-iconic. It’s a battle of the big boys, and should prove to be a whole helluva lotta fun.”

Each time a fans casts a vote they will be given one of several randomly-selected unique one-time sale codes — up to 25 percent off their entire order — to use at for up to one week after the code is issued.

Results will be available at