Nalpac Now Carrying Xero Lube

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac is now distributing four varieties of Xero Lube.

Xero bills itself as the only lube with a hands-free applicator, enabled by a (patent pending) innovative cap.

“Xero Lube uses the highest quality ingredients and is proud to be 100 percent glycerin- and paraben-free,” a company rep said.

Xero Lube comes in four different styles: flavorless/unscented, water-based Xero Lube H20, silicone-based Xero Lube Eternity, Jojoba extract-enhanced, relaxing Xero Lube Anal and the stimulating/cooling Xero Lube Electric.

For ordering info, call 800-837-5946 or visit