Homegrown Video Now Shipping 'Cuckold Tales 2'

LOS ANGELES — Homegrown Video is now shipping “Cuckold Tales 2.”

The company said the film features 100 percent amateur sex from real, thrill-seeking couples, where each cuckold husband is forced to watch his wife have sex with other men.

“Volume 2” includes a swinger couple inviting a fellow Homegrown submitter to the party, verbal humiliation, tease and denial, and a special bonus cuckold scene.

“Many couples, especially those in our HGV family, have a strong desire to expand their sexual boundaries and share the experience,” Homegrown owner Farrell Timlake said. “Sometimes, it involves cuckold scenarios, including those with other Homegrown regulars. It really is a tight-knit community.”

“Cuckold Tales 2” will be available in stores and online on May 6.

For distribution information, email Pulse Distribution’s Robert Plarski at rplarski@pulsedistribution.com, or call (818) 435-1605.