Brandi Love Interviewed in Mens Mag Daily

VENICE, Calif. —  MILF performer Brandi Love is the subject of an interview in Mens Mag Daily.

The site’s founder, Jon DaBove, interviewed Love, calling her “the epitome of sex, a perfect amalgam of awesome qualities.”

Love said, “At heart I am a regular woman. There’s a time and a place for everything. I love my life. I love everything I’ve done and I think now that I’m more mature I can look at things a certain way and appreciate them and carry myself in a certain way. I can educate on one level, which I have done."

She added, "I’ve given lectures on sex at colleges but at the same time I can go to L.A. and get my fuck on. It’s the perfect balance. There are times when I can be very sexual and there are times to take it down a notch.”

The star noted that she has recenlty launched two new Clips4Sale stores — Voyeur Bay and Hotwife Handjobs — that feature the top selling categories from her main store, Brandi's Amateur Adventures.