Paradise Marketing Introduces Snakeskin Brands Condoms to U.S. Market

Lila Gray

VISTA, Calif.  — Paradise Marketing has introduced Snakeskin Brands condoms to U.S. retailers, bringing the colorful and eye-catching product to store shelves nationwide.

Snakeskin Brands is available in three varieties named after powerful serpents: Cobra, a latex condom with a smooth finish; Python, a latex condom with a multi-textured exterior and anatomically contoured flared head; and Anacondom, a latex condom designed for larger members.

“Snakeskin Brands already has been placed in some major adult retail chains and we’re pleased to report that not only are these condoms garnering attention, but they’re moving off shelves,” Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise said. “The packaging is excellent from both a visual and tactile perspective and stands out among the sea of condom options hanging from store shelves. Plus, what guy wouldn’t enjoy boasting that he bought the Anacondom?”

Snakeskin Brands condoms come in bright blue, bright yellow and bright red boxes textured to feel like the skin of a snake.

“Today, condom awareness and use is more important than ever,” Snakeskin Brands co-founder Glenn McCarthy said. “We have to change the conversation and traditional mindset associated with condom use and condom shopping. Whether you see Anacondom as clever or cheeky is not what really matters — we’re focused on promoting awareness and presenting choices.”

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Paradise Marketing is a leading marketer and distributor of condoms, lubricants and other health-related items in the United States. Founded in 1978, the company markets well-known brands, such as Astroglide, Fleet enemas, Summer’s Eve, Trojan, Lifestyles, Durex, Schick Razors and Everready Batteries.