Men's Mag Daily Interviews Nikita Von James

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult starlet Nikita Von James landed an interview with Men’s Mag Daily, where the editor Jon DaBove dubbed her the “Siberian Sexpot.”

The in-depth interview that went up on the site over the weekend delves into the Siberia-born starlet’s early days in America, growing up in Russia, the relaunch of her website through Puba, and what kind of guys and sex she likes.

“I really enjoyed the interview and feel that my fans will get to know more about me and hopefully I will get some new fans from this.” Von James said. “I also liked that they didn’t just view me as a sexy porn star, but also discussed my degree and what I’m currently studying in school. I like the multi-faceted angle.”

To read the piece and check out the pictorial, click here.