Dana Vespoli Featured in Men's Health Magazine

VENICE, Calif. —  Director Dana Vespoli has been featured in Men’s Health magazine.

Vespoil weighed in on the Istory “Make HER Your Porn Star,” by writer Sarah Jacobsson Purewal.

In her 7-point system Vespoli said: 1. Start talking; 2. Put her in the mood; 3. Make it a fantasy; 4. Set the lights, camera, angles; 5. Plan your positions; 6. Calm her nerves; and 7. Don’t kiss and tell.

“The camera isn’t foreplay. You still have to seduce her,” Vespoli said. “The more you can get her in the mood, the more comfortable she’ll be on camera.” She added that no one needs studio lighting or an HD video camera, even calling HD “the worst thing to happen to porn." “Nobody needs to see that much detail.”

The director also imparted her smarts about best positions, angles and how to get the best out of a partner. “Don’t do POV shots or just take pictures of her — make sure you’re also visible, and recognizable in the shot,” Vespoli said. “She’ll feel more comfortable knowing that anyone who sees the tape is also going to see you.”

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