Announces New 4K Feature Film

OAKLAND, Calif. — BDSM production company, Intersec Interactive has announced a new feature film on

The movie stars newcomer Bonnie Day as a mischievous burglar who tries to break into a secure facility to steal sensitive files and finds herself in trouble with the sadistic owner.

Using a 4K camera, the film was the first to be shot in the company’s new, expansive warehouse studio.

“We are thrilled to have this new location. It will give us so many more opportunities for growth, due to it’s larger size, and lack of neighbors,” director OT said.

“The 4K camera's capabilities really moves us closer to cinema and film quality. It's a big step and challenges some of our work flows, but we see it as a tool to help expand our storytelling capabilities,” company founder PD said.

The film can be seen here.

Affiliate wishing to promote the feature can receive information at