Adds European Android VOD Apps

Rhett Pardon

ZURICH — Mobile affiliate program BrokerBabe announced over the weekend that it has added a selection of apps for different GEOs.

“It’s well known that more and more mobile users are using WiFi,” said Stefan Mühlbauer, BrokerBabe’s marketing and sales director. “To convert this traffic, we‘ve created some really nice apps.

“The result is in some cases even better than with direct-carrier billing and we see that the users are using the app quite frequently. The Swiss have launched different Android video-on-demand apps with good-converting mobile pay flow. At the moment they cover Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland and Finland.“

Affiliates earn with every video sold, Mühlbauer said. The commission depends on the GEO — between €0.50 and €1.5. Partners can choose various links with and without autodownload.

New affiliates can register here. To reach Mühlbauer, click here.