Good Housekeeping Surveys British Womens' Favorite Vibrators

Lila Gray

LONDON — British women have resolved an important lifestyle matter: they voted Je Joue’s Mimi the best of the new generation of vibrators in a recent survey published by Good Housekeeping.   

In the survey that included more than 100 women (50 singles and 50 couples aged 30-80), 77 out of 100 preferred the Mimi, a discreet and soft pebble-shaped silicone vibe.

According to the respondents, the choice was based on the product’s functionality and feminine aesthetic, or, as the magazine puts it, is “not a bit scary.”

“Vibrators are no longer giggly gifts for hen nights, they are serious aids to sexual pleasure,” Good Housekeeping Health Director Julie Powell said.

A close runner-up to the Mimi was the Lelo Tiani 3, garnering 74 votes. Tiani 3 is a silicone vibrator designed to be worn during sex.

Leaf Vitality, a two pronged eco-friendly toy, also received a nod for being the best “all-rounder”

Perhaps most significantly, Brits’ lips may be losing their tight: ninety percent of women surveyed said that they are more likely to buy a vibrator than they used to be. Sixty-two percent also said they wouldn’t be embarrassed to own one of the “new-look vibrators” that tend to be less explicit in form.    

First published in Britain in 1922, Good Housekeeping did not include sex-related content until 2003, when it first ran articles on sex aids and Internet porn.