Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health Announces Winner of Comstock Award

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health (CSPH) has awarded its first Comstock Block Award to Sexual Empowerment and Awareness at Tennessee (SEAT).

The Award is presented semi-annually to individuals and organizations who have furthered The CSPH’s mission of reducing sexual shame, by thwarting efforts aimed at hindering the dissemination of information about sexuality to their communities.

The inaugural honor acknowledges SEAT for its tireless work to bring Sex Week to the University of Tennessee-Knoxville campus, despite legislative condemnation. The six-day, student-planned, and student-funded series includes activities ranging from aphrodisiac cooking to discussions on sexual assault, binge drinking, and pornography.

“SEAT has single-handedly helped to reduce fear in their community,” Megan Andelloux, ACS, AASECT, and founder/director of The CSPH said. “SEAT has created conversations. They have expanded minds, increased options, shared resources, and made the world a slightly safer space. As a result, SEAT has increased the health of our country.”

She added, “Thank you for being willing to take such huge risks, which have affected your lives, in order to increase the sexual health of others. I consider it a great honor to have worked with the SEAT team at UTK.”

The Comstock Block Award is so named after the infamous Comstock Act of 1873, and the subsequent laws, of which vestiges endured even into the 1990s. The Act made it illegal to publicize, distribute, or possess any “obscene” materials through the U.S. Postal Service — including information on contraception. The Act also banned mail distribution and import of abortion/contraception materials from overseas.

“UTK has been met with massive challenges while trying to provide educational opportunities in the sexual health realm, not unlike those the Comstock Act would have blocked,” Andelloux said. “The SEAT students, especially co-founders Brianna Radar and Jacob Clark, have worked incredibly hard, and The CSPH is proud to recognize their work.”