HiPleasures’ Sugar Cum Gets Mainstream Buzz

Lila Gray

MIAMI — Since HiPleasures launched Sugar Cum last week, the pill that reportedly makes men and womens’ cum taste sweeter has received several nods from mainstream media sources.   

First to profile the product was pop-feminist site Jezebel, which cheekily referred to Sugar Cum as “the breath mint for your sexual secretions.” According to HiPleasures, the article drew hundreds of thousands of viewers readers, who in turn visited HiPleasures’ website.

Sugar Cum was also featured in Cosmopolitan UK in an instructional on “how to make your cum taste nicer," and Gizmodo UK discussed the potential virtues of the pill with a piece titled “Sugar Cum Pills Turn Your ‘Happy Time’ Secretions into Dessert.”

Gizmodo reporter Gerald Lynch wrote, “An energy-boosting, libido-fuelling, sex-juice-sweetening three-in-one wonder pill, it uses extracts from pineapple, acai and papaya fruits to make sure your climax is as tasty as possible. I wouldn't necessarily expect gourmet results, but with the pills being marketed at both men and women, at least all sexes can take the plunge and see for themselves whether it does the described job.”

“I was really amazed at how the mainstream sites ran with the press release on Sugar Cum,” HiPleasures CEO Brittani Feinberg said. “It just proves sexual hygiene is very important for men and women to have better sex. Our site had some crazy traffic, and there’s definitely a demand for our product.”

Sugar Cum is available for sale exclusively through the HiPleasures website and selected retailers in the Miami area.

Distributors interested in working with HiPleasures can email info@hipleasures.com.