Honey’s Place BuildTheStore.com Presented at ILS

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — BuildTheStore.com made its presence at the International Lingerie Show last week known with live demonstrations and ecommerce seminars outlining the upgrades and advantages of the white label ecommerce solution.

BuildTheStore.com allows users to create an online presence with a built-in product lineup, warehousing and drop shipping components.

“We are offering the industry’s best white label ecommerce solution,” said Bonnie Feingold, CEO of Honey’s Place. “Our newly enhanced, fully automated, drop ship service adds new levels of technology to provide online customers with an easy-to-use retail portal.” According to the company, BuildtheStore.com attained new accounts and reported an overall successful ILS.

“We came into this years’ ILS to offer vendors the best ecommerce solution available in our industry and succeeded by signing up a number of new clients who were very impressed with BuildtheStore.com,” Feingold said.

Honey’s Place recently reported a successful first quarter.

“This year we focused on the many enhancements made to streamline the fully-automated drop ship service that paves the way for many new and exciting services coming up in 2014,” Feingold said.

BuildTheStore.com offers more than 16,000 products from more than 150 manufacturers.