Honey’s Place Launches New Vendor Media Kit

Lila Gray

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. — Adult distributor Honey’s Place debuted its new Vendor Media Kit at  the 2014 International Lingerie Show, which the company said proved a profitable and productive experience.

“We were pleasantly surprised at the overall reception of our new Vendor Media Kit,” Honey’s Place CEO Bonnie Feingold said. “Allowing our vendor business partners to choose various options for marketing their brand and products will add to their success by extending their brand recognition and allowing Honey’s Place Media to introduce new and effective marketing tools to their advertising strategy.”

Dustin Olive, director of operations at Honey’s Place, added “We are opening new doors to our vendor-partners by allowing them to effectively reach a previously unreachable audience through our forward-thinking marketing strategies and tools.”

The Honey’s Place team said that they secured several new accounts at the show, following a strong first quarter.

“This year exceeded our expectations and solidified our always-attaining attitude in building better business relationships and extending our brand of outstanding customer service to our clients,” Feingold said.