Nick Manning Launches Site for Live Shows

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Adult film star Nick Manning this week launched a site that will showcase his live sex shows at

The veteran performer plans to perform at least two new live shows with a different girl every month starting at the end of April. Members of the site will have the opportunity to both “direct” Manning and his co-star in the show and also vote on who his next live show partner will be, according to Kelli Roberts, the webmaster for the new destination.  

“That way the fans get a say in the action,” Roberts said. “They’ll be directly involved in the process and the casting, and even the toys we use. We want to give them a live directing experience.”

Manning said he loves doing live sex shows because it’s different from his regular adult movie work. He has racked up more than 2,000 sex scenes since starting his career in the early 2000s.

“Back when I worked for Playboy for about a four-year period, I would do live shows on ‘Spice Hotel’ on Friday nights for Bud Lee,” Manning told XBIZ. “I did those 50 weeks out of the year. It was 90 minutes live with caller interaction and a different girl every week as my co-host. Those were some of my best sex scenes I’ve ever done, and they weren’t even scenes. They were a live show on Playboy TV. A lot of people can’t handle that pressure. There’s no fucking around being live. No cutting, no nothing. I just happen to be good at it and I have a lot of experience doing it.” will also debut his upcoming 80-minute biopic titled “Dropping Loads: The Legend of Nick Manning” that includes numerous interviews with his fans conducted by his longtime friend Duke Mulholland.

In addition, Manning said a book about him called “In Deep: Conversations with Porn Legend Nick Manning” from author Maureen St. Charles is coming this summer. Visit for updates.  

The performer said he still has fresh content on his fan site, which is powered by the Puba porn star network, as a showcase for his “Cocksman for Hire” series and various other adult movie-related work.