Cam Girl Brookelynne Briar Models for

Bob Johnson

MONTREAL —'s Brookelynne Briar is a featured model in the March Fashion section at

Briar said she was one of three models from the webcam site who posed for Vice photographer John Londono in the "The Webcam Girl" layout.

"The experience was intense," Briar said. "We went through seven or eight hair and make-up changes, and about ten different outfits. The studio, was my apartment. The concept expanded to take over nearly every room in the house by the time we finished. In the end we had shot for 12 hours."

Originally slated for the print edition, Briar said her pictorial was rescheduled for the web edition due to the delays of a re-shoot. "They put up a link to my site. it was a straight up 'Fashion Feature,'" Briar said.

She added, "Every spring Vice releases their annual fashion issue, and they had asked local photographer John Londono if he was interested in shooting for it, and if he had any ideas."

According to Londono, "sex" was to be the fashion theme. "It won’t just be an issue about the prevalence of bondage in high-end fashion with page after page of risqué photo shoots —  it’s also about fashion as a form of self expression, sexual freedom, the constraints of religion, and breaking social barriers," Vice said.

"His original idea was to shoot cam girls in high fashion, in their cam studios," Briar noted. "That's why he got in touch with Mark [Prince of], as he had heard that had operated a physical studio."

"I realized studios were not as popular as they once were," Londono said. "So I got some help from Mark to reach out to girls that would be interested in this documentary style fashion-shoot."

The photographer had "the models log into their chat accounts as he logged in as a chatter, and photographed himself and the computer screen using his DSLR camera. He [Londono] mainly wanted something high-fashion, that revolved around cam work and playing on what regular people may consider 'the extremes,'" Briar said. "Thus the bondage, pony play, nun with the dildo-cross and ball gag. There was not too much of a deep meaning behind it, so don't dig too far into it."

"Brooke is so professional and hard working," Londono said. "I really enjoyed working with her. She was also helpful in adding to the concepts, with props and ideas."