London's 1st 'Bearfest' Set for May

LONDON — The first London Bearfest 2014, a week-long festival celebrating the international bear scene is set for May 18-26.

The operators said the event would bring together bears, cubs, otters and admirers from all over the world to “enjoy a week of furry and chunky fun in this cosmopolitan city.”

Also on tap are restaurant outings, cabaret shows, sing-alongs and the “bear bar hop.”

“I'm extremely excited and really proud to bring together the bear community with the very first London Bearfest being held in one of the greatest cities in the world,” artistic director Kurt Hoffman said.

The Festival takes place across London from Soho, Hoxton and Marble Arch to Waterloo, Vauxhall and Clapham. All ages, groups and persuasions are welcome.

Participating venues include: The Kings Arms, The Eagle, East Bloc, The RVT, Halfway to Heaven, Black Cap, Retro Bar, Manbar, Admiral Duncan, The Duke of Wellington, Central Station, The 2 Brewers, Kazbar, Pleasuredrome, The Vault, The Hoist and City of Quebec.

Events (to date) include: Bearfest Launch Party, Meat, Bearfest Bank Holiday Party, Tonker, Eagle party, #BearArt, Bearoke, Bears “The Show,” Bear vs. Food, Paunchy, Bowling Bears, Bearhug, Dirty Beary and Bears at the movies.