Red Apple Media Debuts ‘Pirate ID’ Tracking, Protection Service

Lila Gray

SAN DIEGO — Red Apple Media has debuted Pirate ID, a new service that reports to aid studios in the fight against online piracy.

According to the company, the software helps studio heads and legal teams identify content pirates by uncovering the violators’ usernames and IP addresses.  

Pirate ID can also be coupled with Red Apple Media’s Media Vault file storage system for heightened security.

Unbeknownst to the user, Pirate ID anonymously embeds and encrypts the username and IP address into each downloaded file so that only the site owner can read it. Should a file be discovered on a pirated site, owners can pinpoint the person responsible and take legal action, if they wish.

With Media Vault, studios can store master video files in an HIPPA-rated data center complete with biometric, 24-hour manned security, and a fire-protected video surveillance storage system.

“Pirate ID was developed to provide clients with another indispensible tool to keep their online businesses running at full potential,” Red Apple Media CEO and co-Founder Steven Daris said. “Our in-house development team works full-steam to create user-friendly and effective protection, storage and streaming technologies that help modernize and streamline our clients’ online businesses. It’s one of the ways Red Apple Media sets itself apart from the rest.”

The Red Apple Media team will provide free demonstrations of Pirate ID, Media Vault and Media Commander adaptive bit rate streaming software at the Phoenix Forum that kicked off today. Tech developer Sean Green will be on-hand at the gathering to answer questions regarding streaming technology, download protection, Flash, Wowza and more.

To schedule a free demonstration and consultation at the Phoenix Forum, email

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