Vibratex Releases 'The Girls' Petite Vibes

Lila Gray

NAPA, Calif. — Vibratex has announced the arrival of “The Girls” — Princessa, Bestie and Amie — three petite vibrators with different personalities.  

Originally introduced at the ANME show in January, the Girls are now available for order from Vibratex.

Small and travel-friendly, each Girl features three vibration strengths, three vibration patterns and is shaped differently to target different erogenous zones. They are made with premium silicone, BPA and phthalate free and are splash proof and shower safe.
Each Girl, ideal for solo play, is sold separately, and comes with its own charging cradle, USB cord and wall adapter.

Vibratex reported that it is also gearing up to reveal the updated Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe at the ILS show in Las Vegas next week.

Previously featured on “Sex and the City,” and lifestyle magazines like Cosmopolitan, “O” Magazine and Glamour, reps say the newest version of the classic toy has a revamped tickler and new control system.  

A Vibratex rep explained, “Stay tuned for more news on the Rabbit Habit Original Deluxe. Without revealing too much, we can share that it is more silent and powerful than ever.”

For more info, visit the Vibratex wholesale portal, or contact Eddie Romero at (800) 222-3361 or (707) 226-8888 or