Kheper Games Releases New Products

Bob Johnson

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has announced new romance games, “Chocolate Decadence” and “Sex Around the World.”

The products will debut at the upcoming International Lingerie Show (ILS).

Chocolate Decadence is a board game of foreplay and actions with a large game board, mask, timer, die, markers, a one-ounce bottle of body chocolate, and brush. Kheper said it partnered with Shunga for the chocolate to ensure that the flavor would be highly appealing and with a long shelf life.

The game focuses on creative foreplay with game spaces where a player draws a body chocolate game card. Cards either hold entertaining foreplay actions, such as drawing the animal your lover most represents; or sexier actions to choose from if you win the game, such as triple sevens where you roll dice and paint sevens when your roll sevens on your lover’s nipples with the third seven rolled equaling oral sex.

Sex Around the World is a role-play game set with a silky hand tie/blindfold, two passports, a spinner, two dice, and 36 visa game cards. The goal is to collect one visa card from each of six regions. Game play can last several nights. Each card has the player spoiling their lovers in a creative way, but first explains the historical significance of the action. Players may end up reenacting the first earliest known sex position discovered on a cave wall from 1000 B.C. in Sweden, engaging in early Polynesian sex bartering, or practicing ancient Taoist practices of withholding orgasm

“A good romance game will tackle relationship problems in a fun and playful manner,” CEO Brian Pellham said.

He added, “For customers seeking variety or who simply wish to find sex more interesting, our two newest additions will certainly help them improve their love lives. Unique and interesting challenges in a game help stir up creativity and keeps customers coming back to stores to find products that help them keep things as interesting in the future.”

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