BelAmi's 'Rebels' Banned in the U.K. Over Thermometer Scene

Lila Gray

PRAGUE — BelAmi announced today it is pulling its latest release "Rebels" from the U.K. due to mandatory cuts the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) demanded in order to give the film the R18 classification needed to be shown in the U.K. 

"Rebels" comes from BelAmi's twink line, Kinky Angels, that features BelAmi's youngest generation of models.

The source of contention revolves around a scene that takes place 45 minutes into the movie, where Jack Harrer is sick and the other “kinky angels” come over to help him recover. They decide to take Harrer’s temperature the old fashioned way — by sticking a thermometer where the sun doesn't shine. Translation: the bum. Apparently, BelAmi noted in a release, this type of medical attention is not deemed viewable in the U.K.

After the BBFC informed BelAmi of the mandatory changes, studio reps say they quickly rejected them. Luca Norcen, head of BelAmi's global DVD operations, elaborated "This whole affair is so utterly ridiculous it borders on the absurd. The BBFC should begin treating U.K. viewers as responsible adults rather than children." 

"Upon careful evaluation, we feel we cannot go ahead with the proposed cut. It will compromise the integrity of the scene, its unique flavor and its natural buildup,” Norcen added. “As far as a thermometer constituting penetration with an object which may cause harm, I find that hard to believe given every mom in the world of a certain age has done it a zillion times with her kids."

According to BelAmi, a senior advisor at the BBFC explained that there is potential for harm if someone were to copy the scene using a glass thermometer, which could break in the process.

"Rebels," including the controversial thermometer scene, will be released in the U.S. April 1 via Pulse and in the EU at the end of the month via Millivres Prowler Group.

Alongside Harrer, "Rebels" stars Kevin Warhol, Andre Boleyn and Adam Archuleta. To check out the scene online ahead of the street date, visit