pjur Appoints Ralph Ehses Head of Global Sales, Business Development

Bob Johnson

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group announced today the appointment of Ralph Ehses to head of global sales and business development.

Ehses has been a sales manager at pjur since 2010 and was responsible for the U.K., Ireland, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Eastern Europe and Baltic markets, as well as for mainstream distribution of pjur products in Europe.

Pjur said Ehses’s efforts positioning the pjur med line was the major factor in being able to open up and develop new markets across the world. The success of this series in places such as Asia, Europe and the U.S. earned pjur many favorable reviews in the mainstream sector as well, while providing consumers and the public an entirely new way of looking at the subject of lubricants.

The executive's new duties not only include the management, organization and support of the international pjur sales team, but also the development of new business lines and related global-level strategic planning. His appointment represents a commitment to sustaining and supporting and growing the business.

“In addition to his accomplishments at the pjur group, the 14 years of experience he gained in procurement, importation, sales and distribution while working in a number of different industries will serve him well in his new position,” said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of the pjur Group. “We are excited about this appointment and look forward to continuing this highly valued and successful relationship.”