FSC's Duke Interviewed in Brown Political Review

Rhett Pardon

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The Brown Political Review — Brown University’s student-run, nonpartisan magazine for political journalism — last week interviewed Diane Duke, the chief executive of the Free Speech Coalition.

Brown Political Review lobbed eight questions to Duke, who has lead the trade association for the adult entertainment industry since November 2006, in an online Q&A.

Some of the most compelling answers came from questions on the topics that mean the most to the porn business.

Duke, when asked a question on porn moratoriums and players in the industry, said that privacy issues remain a large concern during the halt in film production and that she only speaks to the mainstream media because the group  has to keep rumors at bay.

"When we have a moratorium, I very seldom sleep," she told the Brown Political Review. "’m not losing sleep because of the producers — they have film in the bank. I’m losing sleep because of the performers. I want to stop the moratorium as soon as possible, while also ensuring the protection of the performers.

"Both performers and producers, surprisingly enough, are very supportive," she said. "We have an advisory council consisting of producers, performers, agents and medical professionals that talks about these issues. It’s been really effective.

"But those who I call 'the leeches of the industry' try to publicize and sensationalize it in the media. Performer privacy is paramount."

Duke also elaborated on the FSC's lawsuit over 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and § 2257 (a), the record-keeping act for producers of sexually explicit content, as well as the Measure B ballot initiative in Los Angeles County that is now law but not enforced.

She said that the battle over Measure B would have "been better if we had started earlier."

"That’s partially our responsibility," she said. "But, you know, we’re looking at an AIDS Healthcare Foundation that has a $750 million war chest. [They] can just sit there and write checks. I’m out there hitting the pavement.

"Our industry is a great industry, but it’s difficult to get everyone to rally. It’s an industry of independent groups, and everyone has an idea of how it should go."