Alternadudes Releases 'Gender Bender' Movie

LOS ANGELES — Alternadudes has released "Gender Benders" through distributor PornTeam.

The film features a transgender man (James Darling), a transgender woman (TS Foxxy), and three self described “femmeboys” having sex with tattooed talt studs.

“Alternadudes has always strived to be inclusive of everyone. Transgender men and women are always welcome at Alternadudes as long as they fit into the look of the guys we showcase. 'Gender Benders' is a nod to the the people who are Alternadudes regardless of their gender,” said Chris Koloff, Alternadudes President and CEO.

He added, “Transgender films typically fare better on the straight side of things. We're a gay company with a distributor who only deals with gay films. It seems that sometimes gay men run screaming in the opposite direction if a tit or a pussy makes an appearance on screen, so the challenge will be for other gay companies, stores, and customers to check it out and come along for the ride.”

“Alternadudes has always pushed the envelope of what other people perceive porn should be,” Christopher Kren, President and CEO of PornTeam said. “Their guys aren't your typical porn guys and it makes total sense that Alternadudes would be inclusive of the transgender community. I think we can do well with this title. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The studio noted that the movie was directed by Koloff with the exception of the scene featuring James Darling and his co-star, Ruckus, which was directed by Nikki Silver. The film also stars Tristan Mathews and marks the return of twink girly-boy, Roxy Red.

For sales information contact Michael Greig at PornTeam at (888) 999-2450, or (707) 664-9398.