Putin Butt Plug Launched to Raise Politcal Awareness

Lila Gray

CYBERSPACE — Fernando Sosa, a self-described “political sculptor,” has turned everyone’s favorite Russian Tsar president, Vladimir Putin, into a butt plug to raise awareness about Russia’s anti-gay agenda, as well as its recent aggression towards the Ukraine.

“This piece was originally made in response [to] Russia's anti-gay laws, but since Putin is such an asshole he seems to find himself on top of the media headlines again by invading Ukraine and putting the world at the verge of WWW3,” Sosa wrote in a blog post.

Russia has backed the Crimea’s secession from the Ukraine, despite outrage from global leaders in Europe and the United States.

While topical, the 3D printed butt plug is far from pleasurable. Made from sandstone, the plug cannot actually be used as a sex toy.

However, due to the massive amount of media attention his Putin Butt Plug has received (h/t reddit), he has undertaken printing a bright pink, body-safe silicone version of his creation — under the new-and-improved name Putin the Invading Ukranus Butt Plug.

“Well, [t]he attention my Putin Butt Plug has been getting is amazing,” Sosa wrote in a later post. “I certainly didn't think it was going to blow up the Internet ... If I knew I would of put a link to my site on the picture!!

“However, the main question I keep hearing is this 3D printed Putin Butt Plug safe for use? The 3D Printed Putin Butt Plug is NOT safe for use. However, thanks to my rapid prototyping expertise, I can actually make a skin-safe plug somewhat quick.”

Sosa has also commited a few other celebs to butt plugs, including New Jersey’s bridge-afflicted Chris Christie.

Putin and Sosa's other butt plugs can be purchased on Sosa’s blog.