James Deen Creates New Donuts on Woodrocket.com

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. —  James Deen has taken time off of his adult duties to create a new gourmet pastry concoction called "Deenuts."

Featured on the newest episode of WoodRocket.com's web series, "James Deen Loves Food," Deen deep fries donut flavors like Sriracha, Sour Patch Kid, Ice Cream, Beer (aka the Bronut), Cookie Dough, Coffee, and even Doritos-inspired Cool Ranch & Nacho cheese donuts.

“Donuts make me go nuts," Deen said.

Sponsored by HotMovies, the episode takes food porn to the next level, according to the producers.

The SFW trailer can be seen at JamesDeenLovesFood.com.