TT Boy Responds to 2257 Inspection

Steve Javors
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Responding to the XBIZ article published yesterday about his company being subject to a federal 2257 records inspection, Evasive Angles owner TT Boy asserted that things went smoothly at his facility.

The inspection occurred during the afternoon of Sept. 27.

“We were in fact paid a visit by the FBI to inspect our records,” Boy told XBIZ. “The FBI said they were very satisfied with our records, and they [verbally] recognized that we were compliant with the inspection.”

Upon completion of a 2257 inspection, FBI agents do not issue a pass or fail grade to the company, a point that has drawn many 1st Amendment attorney’s consternation, according to Free Speech Coalition counsel Jeffrey Douglas.

Evasive Angles sales manager Edward told XBIZ that he believes the handful of agents inspecting the company’s records did not ask to see documentation for specific movies, instead randomly selecting titles.

The other companies that have been subject to 2257 records inspections are Legend, Sunshine Films, Robert Hill Releasing, Sebastian Sloane Productions and Diabolic. The FBI’s inspection of Bethlehem, Pa.-based Sebastian Sloane Productions was prompted by an unrelated search warrant.

Rules requiring record keeping for content depicting actual sexual acts have been in place since Nov. 18, 1988. However, until late-July, no adult companies had been subject to inspections.