FBI, Adult Companies Hold Meeting

Gretchen Gallen
WASHINGTON – In the first open dialogue with law enforcement since 2257 inspections began several months ago, a meeting took place today at FBI headquarters with a clutch of adult companies. The companies were joined by their attorneys and James Burrus, the assistant director for the criminal investigative division for the FBI in charge of 2257 inspections. Also in attendance were several field agents who conducted some of the inspections on adult companies.

While details of the meeting were not disclosed, attorney Greg Piccionelli, who acted as the go-between in arranging the meeting with the FBI, told XBIZ that it was a candid discussion regarding the problems associated with interpreting 2257 law. Piccionelli said there were also a number of disclosures regarding the FBI’s interpretations of the regulations.

He further added that Burrus said it was difficult for the FBI to regulate an industry without an open dialogue, and that in the near future, the FBI intends to stay in more direct contact with the adult press.

“It was clear that they are really trying to communicate with the industry as professionally as they can,” Piccionelli said.

The names of the companies in attendance have not been disclosed, although Piccionelli said they were invited to the meeting by FBI representatives because of their perceived status as industry leaders.

“It was very constructive for both sides, and a number of issues were cleared up,” Piccionelli told XBIZ. “It was historic from a number of perspectives, that it happened in the first place, and secondly, it was a very positive meeting.”

Other attorneys in attendance were Jeffrey Douglas and Paul Cambria.