Wild Image Pictures Announces Open Casting Call

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Wild Image Pictures has announced an open casting call for "Operation: Outdoors," a new series of on-location adult productions planned to start shooting in late spring.

"We've been checking out locations and it's not as easy to find snow as you might imagine," a production spokesperson said. "But now we have the location and we need some performers who love winter sports as much as they love sex."

The producers said the movie combines outdoor sports and travel with hardcore sex.

"One of the problems with location productions is that they shortchange the sex for the location," the spokesman added. "We plan to have hard, hard sex in outrageous locations, using the performers and the locations to make the best scenes anybody has ever seen."

Producer Ben Fisher said, "We have found some great locations, and are looking for performers who are into outdoor sports: hiking, camping, riding ATV's, swimming, boating, jet ski, horseback riding, much more. Must be very comfortable with adventure and full of energy. Ideally, we want kinky, naughty people who can take a scenario and run with it.”

The casting call will take place March 7-8 at a location in Chatsworth, California with director Evan Stone, producer Fisher and representatives of the production including director/videographer Jake Jacobs and stills photographer Rick Garcia. The casting call will be recorded for behind the scenes footage for the completed production. Nudity will be required for the production and for photographs at the casting call, but is optional for behind-the-scenes footage.

Talent interested in participating can email an RSVP to cast@wildimagepictures.com. Upon acceptance of the RSVP, full details including location and appointment time will be sent by return email.