FBI Inspects Legend Video’s 2257 Records

Michael Hayes
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Legend Video has become the latest adult entertainment company to face an FBI federal record-keeping inspection. Company co-owner Bruce Mendleson confirmed that five FBI agents arrived at the Legend offices this morning to inspect 2257 records for five specific titles.

Mendleson, who declined to identify which titles FBI agents asked to see records for, told XBIZ his company was well prepared for a 2257 inspection by his attorney, Jeffrey Douglas.

“We’ve always had our records up-to-date,” he said. “We were very well-prepared because we have one full-time employee who does nothing but 2257, and that person has an assistant as well.”

According to Mendleson, the FBI agents told him Legend was the eighth company to be inspected.

To date, XBIZ has been able to confirm inspections at Sunshine Films, Diabolic Video and Robert Hill Releasing.

XBIZ also confirmed a 2257 inspection of Bethlehem, Pa.-based Sebastian Sloane Productions, which was prompted by an unrelated search warrant.

The inspections at Legend mark the first in more than a month-long break.

According to Mendleson, Legend passed its 2257 inspection.

“We had everything they asked for,” he said. “We gave them the records they needed and an office to work out of. They were courteous and professional.”

Mendleson said the whole process lasted approximately three hours.

Douglas was not immediately available for comment.