Starr Sisters Featured in New Releases

LOS ANGELES — Penthouse Pets Natasha and Natalia Starr, aka The Starr Sisters, are featured in new releases this week.

The pair appear in Smash Pictures’ "Exchange Students," and older sister Natasha stars for the first time at

“My scene on showcases what I do best.” Natasha said. “I have been told I have a very talented mouth, and I like to use it as much as possible on and off camera. I love to think of my fans while I shoot my scenes — they totally motivate me to give the best deep throat blow jobs.”

In "Exchange Students," Natalia represents her motherland of Poland and plays a naughty student who seduces her teacher.

“I enjoyed shooting 'Exchange Students' I’ve never seduced a professor, but perhaps if I ever decide to go back to college, I just might,” Natalia said. “It’s a very sexy movie, and playing an adventurous, college-aged girl who is open to try everything, was a natural for me. I had a blast.”

Exchange Students is available at Smash Pictures. The NSFW trailer can be seen here.