Pjur Cool Tested, Approved by My-Lovetoy

Lila Gray

LUXEMBOURG — Pjur Cool, pjur Group’s mentholated, water-based lubricant was tested for quality and consumer satisfaction by my-Lovetoy.com, one of the leading German-speaking information portals for erotic products. Following the test, the product was presented with the editorial team’s seal of approval. 

The test lasted three weeks and involved testers of both sexes, in pairs and solo. Essentially, users "got busy" with the product and composed a short description of their experiences.

Pjur Group reported that the testers were particularly wooed by the product’s cooling and tingling effects.  

One tester, Raimund, described it, "I enjoyed feeling a slight coolness, as if a gentle breeze was wafting through the bedroom. For me personally it was an extremely pleasant feeling, and my wife was also enthusiastic. She particularly enjoyed the effect of passionate heat in contrast with the coolness of the lubricant."

Others enjoyed the aesthetic and design: "The bottle is light blue, which really fits the ‘refreshing menthol’ claim and at the same time expresses a certain pleasant anticipation,” test pair Marta and Niels reported. “We find the design well-conceived, and the promised effect is nicely underscored by the label's ice crystal illustration."

The view the complete test report in German, click here.

For more information about pjur Cool or other pjur products, visit pjur.com.