Lizzy Borden Launches Rock N Horror Apparel

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — Lizzy Borden told XBIZ she has joined forces with rock musician Mark Hall to launch a new line of clothing called Rock N Horror Apparel.

Borden, a 15-year porn veteran with more than 100 performing, producing and directing credits, said the collaboration with Hall was a natural. She said soon after they began dating last year they were inspired to create a clothing line based on their lifestyle after posting an impromptu photo of a sexy embrace on social media.

The picture showed Hall wrapping his arms around Borden’s ample chest.

“With this day and age of social networking being so popular and the post of our photo, a few of our fans asked for a slick,” Borden said, referring to a mini-poster. “Now what is funny is that both of us always had a love for fashion and we both always wanted to start a fashion company. Laying in bed one night together reading emails and comments about our photo and seeing an interest that people had in us as a couple, we decided to make a tee from our photo.”

The idea grew from there to the point where now they have launched a full line of apparel with not only men’s and women’s t-shirt designs, but also tank-tops, hoodies, scarves, jackets, leggings and bandanas. The pair also unveiled jewelry featuring what Borden calls “the triple-moon witch design and illuminati with skulls made from real bone.”

She and Hall both design and hand-make everything for Rock N Horror Apparel from concept to finished product.

“It is a pure team effort,” she said. “We own all of our equipment and we make each and every shirt, hoodie and tank ourselves.”

Borden said that creating each of the garments is both “time consuming and therapeutic” and usually takes all night, “because sunlight ruins the process.”

“We also do custom clothing,” she continued. “I learned to sew by hand and cut clothing up. From sewing, fitting and adding patchwork, to cutting designs into the clothing. We cut everything from skulls to crosses to what I call the ‘Freddy Krueger slashes.’ Girls seem to like having our clothing altered into sexier cuts with slashes in front, back, sides and scoop necks. We also started to do stage clothing for a few touring rock stars.”

The next phase of the line is moving forward, too. “We are currently working on the summer line that includes bikinis, board shorts, beach towels and totes, along with dresses ‘maxi style,’ baby-dolls, tube dresses and tank dresses,” Borden said. “In addition, a lingerie, club clothing, shoes and handbags line. We are also developing home goods—bedding and pillows—along with pet clothing.”

They plan to brand their apparel with several established musicians who will be wearing the gear and collaborating on designs.

“Fans can buy all of our clothing now on our website There is a ‘shop’ button and photos that link to our online shopping cart,” Borden said.

Borden and Hall have also decided to take their Rock N Horror persona to the airwaves, as they’ll kick off a new weekly radio show of the same name on this Monday night, from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. EST. Their virgin broadcast will be live from Salem, Mass., which the couple refers to as their “second home” away from their home in Southern California. Borden is no stranger to Internet radio; she previously hosted two shows, including one called “The Witching Hour."

On the new show, she and Hall plan to talk “rock and horror and everything in between,” Borden said. They’ll also be shooting video of the show for their site, which is being built out to include highlights from their “haunted road trips,” where they visit known haunted locations and hunt for ghosts; their life on tour with Hall’s bands; Borden’s B-movie roles as a “scream queen”; and her appearances at various horror conventions.

With her new projects taking shape, Borden said she has retired from performing and directing porn.    

“I had a great run but I'm also happy to retire officially from directing and performing,” she said. “I have no regrets at all. I met a special man that I love more than anything and I am truly happy and blessed. In life, everything at some point needs closure. This is my closure in adult. I've directed, performed, been on magazine covers, had layouts and danced all over the world. ... There is nothing more for me to do.”

Hall’s music background includes playing in and working with bands such as Bloodjoint, White Pulp, Blacklist Union, The Deep Eynde, Hi Tech Hate, and MTV's “Ultimate Coverband” competition winner, The Zoo. He also produces tracks for other artists and teaches guitar.

Borden said her home is even decorated to look like a horror movie, while doubling as Hall's music studio.

"Then we have a six-foot, Dracula coffin that I use for my live horror burlesque," she revealed. "But when I'm not on a dance tour, we use it for my dining-room table. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the coffin.”

Borden added, "We eat, breathe and sleep music and horror. Music and horror is our life. I love being bloody and I love listening to my boyfriend play his acoustic guitar just sitting at home watching a creepy horror movie. Most of all, Rock N Horror is our lifestyle, and our lifestyle is what we sell.”