Barbara Walters Calls Her Sex Toy 'Selfie'

Lila Gray

LOS ANGELES — Eighty-four years young, Barbara Walters redefined what it is to take a “selfie.” 

Discussing the joys of maturation (i.e. getting older) yesterday on “The View,” fellow anchor Jenny McCarthy unwittingly breached the topic of self-love.

"Do you have more self-confidence, and more self-love?" she asked Walters.

Whoopi Goldberg unceremoniously interjected, “You start talking about that vibrator of yours again … I can’t handle it.” 

But Walters couldn’t help herself, and enthusiastically revealed the pet name of her preferred vibe.

“You know what it’s called?” Walters asked. “A selfie!” 

Goldberg retorted, "The name of Barbara's vibrator is 'selfie.' Fantastic."

To check out a clip of Walter's selfie incident on YouTube, click here