Nalpac Distributes Erotic Ink Collection from Rocks-Off, Lal Hardy

Lila Gray

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac has announced that it is now offering the Erotic Ink Collection from the collaborative hands of Rocks-Off and tattoo artist Lal Hardy.

The Erotic Ink Collection consists of ten-speed and seven-speed gold metallic plated RO 160, 120 and 80 bullet vibrators sporting Lal Hardy tattoos, exclusively designed for Rocks-Off.

Hardy has owned the New Wave Studio in London for 32 years and has a host of celebrity clients, including high-profile musicians and athletes.

“When the opportunity came for me to work with Rocks-Off to both design and be involved with their Erotic Ink vibes it really gave me huge buzz and with that in mind I know they give everyone who’s uses them an even bigger buzz,” Hardy said in an earlier statement.

For further details or to order the Erotic Ink Collection from Nalpac, call (800) 837-5946 or email