Topco Sales Featured in StorErotica Magazine

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales announced its feature story in the February issue of StorErotica Magazine.

The company said the piece highlights its recent changes and comeback.

"Having the chance to write candidly about Topco Sales presented a unique opportunity for StorErotica,” Kristofer Kay said.

He added, “In essence, it's a comeback story. What we've uncovered is that the company's turnaround is not merely based upon their growing catalog of premium pleasure products and their commitment to store owners. Topco’s ability to make such an incredible comeback is founded on the integrity shown by the company’s refreshed corporate infrastructure and their dedication in bringing the brand from the brink to a place when it was highly regarded throughout the adult retail industry."

Topco chief operations officer Michael Siegel said the company is committed to the brands and quality it's been known and trusted for, for more than 40 years. “On the inside, however, we are a whole new company with exciting new ideas and new ownership which will propel us well into the future,” Siegel said.

“What’s really exciting for us,” added Lynda Mort, sales and marketing director, “is amidst all the rumors and misinformation, this is the first time we’ve come forward to tell our side of the story and set the record straight.”