Alana Evans to Appear on Dr. Drew TV Show

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Alana Evans is slated to appear on the Dr. Drew On Call TV show on Feb. 17 at 9 p.m. EST on the HLN/CNN network.

This marks the performer’s fifth interview on CNN.

Evans said she would discuss her career, personal life, and give an insider's view of what it's like raising children as an adult entertainer.

"I am so grateful that I was invited to be on Dr. Drew On Call. I have two goals with this appearance. One is to show regular Americans that porn stars aren't just sex objects. We may have sex on camera, but that is our job. We have husbands, wives, children, and this industry supports thousands of families. The majority of the people in this industry are monogamous," Evans said.

She added, "My other goal is to send a message to newer girls coming into this industry. Once you step in front of that camera that footage will be out there forever. They need to understand that, but they also need to understand that it is possible to have a long career in this industry and also have a normal private family life and be able to raise your kids despite what you do for work.”