Exile Ships New Titles From AMKingdom, Pornstar Empire

LOS ANGELES — This week Exile Distribution is shipping new titles from AMKingdom, Hot Mess and Pornstar Empire.

According to Exile owner Howard Levine, AMKingdom has revamped it Premium Hardcore line to include only the best-of hardcore action captured in their films. All solo action is omitted.

This is a follow up to their last five releases, “MILF Hardcore,” “Exotic Hardcore,” “Petite Hardcore,” “Shaved Hardcore” and “Exotic Hardcore,” Levine explained. 

Levine said, “These are the best new models in the business giving us their all. The new All Hardcore line has taken off very well.”

Shipping from Hot Mess is “12 Inches a Slave,” a controversial spoof of the Oscar nominated film, “12 Years a Slave.”

“The artwork from Hot Mess is the best in the business right now, and their content equals their boxes,” Levine said. “A sure winner.”

“I Am Taylor” is shipping from Pornstar Empire, adding another notable name to its ongoing I Am line.

From taboo provocateurs Forbidden Fruits comes “Mother Son Secrets 3,” which Levine emphatically describes as “the best one yet.” 

For further details or ordering information, contact Levine at howard@exiledist.com or (818) 576-9464.