The Screaming O Introduces ColorPoP Collection

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — The Screaming O has set out to inspire springtime sex toy shopping with the ColorPoP collection of mini vibes and vibrating rings available in colorful neon shades. Known for its bright colors and fun attitude, The Screaming took five of its best-selling SKUs and gave them an on-trend twist for the new line.

ColorPoP is comprised of the O Wow, Big O and Big O 2 vibrating erection rings; the FingO’s finger vibe; and super-powered Bullets – five of The Screaming O’s most popular consumables. Each available in a selection of bright neon shades, ColorPoP is designed to bring couples "the ultimate in vibrant vibration, and breathes life into any slatwall display or bedside toy chest."

“We took a budding style trend from the mainstream world and gave it The Screaming O treatment, resulting in a product line that piqued the interest of our retail and distribution partners during our ANME preview,” The Screaming O partner Conde Aumann said. “These new ColorPoP vibes are super-powered with super-bright colors to make them even more fun for Screaming O fans. Each SKU offers the same features and benefits of their more modest counterparts – some now with multifunction motors – boasting a brilliant boost that’ll brighten everyone’s day!”

• The ColorPoP O Wow is powered by a three-speed plus pulse Screaming O Bullet with a stretchy and snug erection ring. Available in brilliant Blue and radiant Orange.
• The ColorPoP Big O features a four-function motor (three speeds plus pulse) with pleasure ticklers and an erecting ring for intimate enhancement. Available in hot Pink and neon Green.
• The ColorPoP BigO O 2 double vibrating erection ring features two motors for dual-action sensations – three speeds plus pulse on top and one strong-and-steady speed on bottom for mutual satisfaction. Available in neon Green and brilliant Blue.
• The ColorPoP Bullets match the three-speed plus pulse power of the top-rated Screaming O Soft Touch Bullets with intense bursts of super-bright colors. Available in brilliant Blue, neon Green, hot Pink, radiant Orange and glowing Yellow.
• The ColorPoP FingO’s are designed to "put power at shoppers’ fingertips" with a compact, three-speed plus pulse bullet vibe that fits around any finger. Available in radiant Orange and hot Pink.

The ColorPoP collection is now shipping.

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