Hustler Lingerie Lands in 'That Awkward Moment'

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — Hustler Lingerie is featured in the movie “That Awkward Moment,” providing a sexy backdrop in a scene involving a visit to an adult store.

The R-rated movie stars Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan as three best friends who find themselves in the defining moments of their romantic relationships. As with real-life couples, sex plays a major role in the romantic comedy.

“Hustler Lingerie is a staple in every adult store and a brand that’s instantly associated with sex,” Hustler Lingerie Sales Director Zachary Goode said. “It’s no wonder that it was incorporated into a sex-fueled, romantic Hollywood movie. We’re thrilled about this latest product placement for Hustler Lingerie.”

"That Awkward Moment” is currently in theaters nationwide.

Hustler Lingerie has appeared in mainstream entertainment before. A 2012 episode of ABC's “Nightline” featured Hustler Lingerie-clad ladies of a proposed sci-fi, galactic-themed brothel sex by entrepreneur Dennis Hof and famed Hollywood mistress Heidi Fleiss. In addition, during the heyday of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” cast member JWOWW donned Hustler Lingerie’s Slinky Halter Top as part of a sexy outfit to wear for her boyfriend Roger on their one-year anniversary.

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